Solution on the Google Services Error Situation



2018-07-17 17:55

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Dear MEIZU Users,
Sincelast weekend we have received some bug reports about the issue of being unable to useGoogle services and apps. Our team has started to work on this issue as soon aswe got the feedbacks from our users.
The reason of this error is because of theincompatibility between the older Android versions (Android 5.x) and the recently-updatedGoogle services. The team had been working on this issue as our priority and had come up with a solution to fix the situation.

The fixing steps are:
1. Go to Settings > Apps > All apps and find Google Play services
2. Tap on it and enter the details page, tap 'UNINSTALL'
3. Download the Google Installer 4.4.6 (Also available as the attachment of this thread)
4. Enter the Google Installer 4.4.6 and tap Repair
5. After the reparing is done, connect to the Internet, launch  the Play Store and let it auto-update to Google Play service 12.6.85. It will be working fine.

*Some users reported that their Google Play service uninstallation icon is grey and cannot be tapped on. If your Play service is unable to be uninstalled, please back up all your data, and do a factory reset. After that repeat the fixing steps above, the Play service will work fine.

Later we will upload a new Google Installer in App Store for users to download. When it's released in App Store we will update this thread first time.

We're sorry for the inconvenience caused, and appreciate your support and understandings during this time. Please leave your comment if you need further help.