"Don't cover top of the phone while unlocking" What ia this? Harmful?



2018-07-13 21:45

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Hey guys, You might have noticed this type of message while unlocking your device.
What is this !!? And is it harmful for your device ?


Let's understand this Questions' answers, but before this you have to know,
What is Proximity Sensor ?
~ Proximity Sensor is a sensor which sense the distance between obstacles and source of sensor, Commonly IR [ Infrared Radiations (Which are invisible to human Eyes)] Proximity Sensor is used in Mobile devices.
If you noticed, there are two black dots are available on top left/right side of device, In that there is one emitter and one receiver,
This radiation helps to turn off/on the screen of device and avoiding wrong touch to screen.
When objects are far away from sensors, one emits IR radiation and one receives the same but if distance are too close then There will be no objects to receive radiations, So while turning on the device with hiding this two, as its command is to turn off the screen, then how it will react Or what should it do ?

Hence the message "Don't cover top of the phone while unlocking" appears

If you have seen in settings>>Accessibility>>roximity sensor calibration, there will be dial box will appear like as below,

Here as per message If lightning is too high then receiver not able to detect the object near to it and if too law then all black, so no detection for Radiations,As it detect only distance between two surface it is not harmful for device.
If you try to calibrate the same with hiding there will be messege like below :
And without hiding,

Hence that's all about Proximity Sensor

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