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2018-07-09 23:00

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Before scrolling down, you can check the Introduction & previous Episodes here –
Vol.1 (Introduction), Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4 & Vol.5.

For this Episode, we have two big fans instead of just one – Pulkit & Prashant. They are active on forum since 2016 and are providing good content regularly plus most of times they are first to reply any thread. Pulkit has a YouTube channel – Enter The Tech. Recently he created a Telegram channel with same name. He and Prashant are managing the channel together. You can check their channel here. Just check the content and decide if you want to join or not. The channel has 1000+ members. Pulkit and Prashant are also selected as Monthly Highlight Writer in May, June respectively.

Let's start the Interview.

Name – Pulkit
Country – India
Forum Joining Date – September 1, 2016
Post – User (Jelly Bean)

Name – Prashant
Country – India
Forum Joining Date – August 13, 2016
Post – User (Kitkat)

Q. How you found Flyme Forum. Which MEIZU phone you have? What made you buy that phone?
Prashant: First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for this series.
I have M3 Note. I was not aware of this device since I was studying in 12th Science, But after my father offered me to buy a phone, there was only one option for me as per budget 'Xiaomi Redmi Note 3'.  I was looking for a better Smartphone that can be bought one time in my college life...Then I found comparison of Smartphone between 'Xiaomi Redmi Note 3' and "MEIZU M3 Note", I was amazed by seeing the same specs and that too only in Rs.9999 compared to Xiaomi's Rs.12,999, Then Why should I buy Redmi Note 3?
Till now I have my 'm3 note' with Scratch less body.
I get to know about Forum from the wrap on my new screen of device.

Pulkit: Thank you for choosing me for this interview.
I own Meizu M2 mini which was delivered to me on 1 Jan 2016.
At first I selected Redmi 2 prime because of popularity and used it for 2 weeks but was not satisfied with its performance as at that time my first priority was to play GTA San Andreas and WWE 2K on my phone but Redmi 2 prime was unable to run both.
Then I return Redmi 2 prime and ordered M2 mini, and completed GTA San Andreas and WWE 2K on M2 mini.
From then I am using this phone and am totally satisfied.
''How you find Flyme Forum''
I was searching for new software updates for M2 mini in Google and found Flyme Forum in that process.

Q. You are here on Flyme Forum for a long time. What changes you see in Forum when you joined and now?
Prashant: When I joined forum as I was new in forum So I needed some time to understand it, there were admins who were active in YouTube and were giving exclusive hands on videos of newly unveiled MEIZU smartphones like 'James Kho', and one Madam (I Don't know her name), Now these type of activity are not done but the growth of our forum is increasing very fast by our admins and Moderators Hard-working as per user requirements.
There was no grouping category for providing unique Threads when I joined. There was like Moderators and other but not like today's Content Factory Team

Pulkit: At first I just used to open it to see if new updates are available for m2 mini then I made some threads about Volte, then I realized it will be great to make some useful threads which can help me as well as users.
And from then and now there are many changes in Flyme Forums. Current changes in contest like for beta testers, fifa cup and also monthly highlights are major positive changes in Flyme Forums.
And Flyme Forum also gained many of hardworking people like you, dex, kArVix and whole content factory team in these years who work hard to make this forum more interesting.

Q. What you want to say about MEIZU tactics in India. What they could have done right and what according to you they should do next in India?
Prashant: In today's Indian market MEIZU's speed is like snail, because as new smartphone launches in china (as they have different ideas in every device) people want to buy but they can't because it is already too late when they are available to buy in India.
But I have faith that This snail will take nitro and will become TURBO.
Hope they will more improve Global market Especially Indian Market.

Pulkit: Meizu in India is Slow.
Right now Pro 7, M6, M3 note and M5 are products which are available in Indian market and all of them lacks because of High prices or old tech as compare to competition.
''What they could have done right?''
They could have released phones in Indian Market. Meizu was slowly building a good image after success of M2, M2 note and M3 note but they stop launching phones in India and Stumbled.
Right now they should release a new product in Indian Market as soon as possible. My recommendation is M15 or M16 after Aug and M6 note at 8K or less and should not release any MediaTek phones as Indian prefer Snapdragon more.
They should focus on 7 to 15K price category.
And also start making (Assembling) Phones in India to save Tax so they can provide phones at more affordable prices.
I want to also add that they have to do little bit of advertisement to attract people.

Q. What do think about Flyme OS, do you prefer it over other OS like Stock Android, MIUI etc.?
Prashant: In all OS I never seen better OS than Flyme OS, If someone give me Google Pixel, I'll never accept as I don't like Stock.
But Now I'm seeing that MIUI is also a strong competitor to Flyme.
Hope Updates will be fast in all devices

Pulkit: I like Flyme OS a lot and prefer it over Stock Android because of feature Flyme provides.
And I also prefer Flyme over MIUI or other Android just because Flyme always try to innovate and because of that many of the new features are first available in Flyme OS like split screen.
Flyme also do major changes in UI in every major Flyme updates,
I experienced 3 different phones in same hardware with Flyme 4, 5 and 6 in my M2 mini.
Add Security patch updates in this package and Flyme becomes No. 1 for me.

Q. What are the things you like about Flyme Forum most and also the things you don't like about forum (things you want to be changed)?
Prashant: Honestly saying CONTESTS, because every contest gives chance to improve yourself in every activity.
I'm not using Forum App since 3 months because there is always problem with login and design is basic, so I'll request Problem free login and more user-friendly UI.

Pulkit: I never saw anything like Forum before I purchased M2 mini,
the best thing about these type of Forums are that people with same phone get connected with each other and can share problems and get their problem solved easily.
It gives users satisfaction that company care for us.
Thing I want to change is Flyme Forum app as it is too basic and has bugs. I also want to add a category of Star section threads. Threads having more than 10 or 20K views should be automatically moved to Star Section.
Because of this many of the user's work or any FAQ can get noticed in General Section easily which sometimes get lost due to high amount of comments in successful threads.

Q. What are your hobbies, what are you doing now (study, job etc) and what are your future plans for life?
Prashant: My hobby is to keep my parents happy.
Currently I'm Studying.
My future plan is to become 'class 1' or 'class 2' Officer in Indian Government.

Pulkit: My hobbies are to sing, playing games and I also watch pro wrestling.
''What are you doing now''
Right now I am doing studies for CA Final along with 3 years Articleship training.
I am also a tuition teacher for Accounts.
''Future plans for life ''
Right now I want to become a renowned tuition teacher.

Q. What do you prefer- working in MEIZU, China Office or Xiaomi, India Office?
Prashant: of course Meizu in china.
My dream is to visit MEIZU office one time in China.

Pulkit: I don't want to leave India for a job, so I can't work in MEIZU China office.
But if MEIZU makes an office in India, then I will love to join MEIZU after completing my 3 years CA Training.

Q. Choose any one - MEIZU 16 or Visit to MEIZU, China HQ with Reason.
Prashant: Very interesting question...
I'll prefer Meizu 16, because one can’t judge reasons by using only one device, so after making my reputation in forum very good (like you) and knowing the reasons by working with MEIZU 16 then only I will visit HQ of MEIZU in China.

Pulkit: I think if I visit MEIZU China HQ then they will gift me a MEIZU 16, but even if they don't I will choose to go to MEIZU HQ because there can be a great learning experience in MEIZU, China HQ so it will be a once in a life time opportunity.

Q. There is many good friend duo on forum like Me-Rudraksh, Dex-Ansh, Prashant-Pulkit etc. How you met each other. Tell me about the journey from your first interaction to ETT co-founders.
Prashant: At starting, I don't know anyone in forum, after seeing best threads of yours and Dexter's I started communicating via comments and your replies were very good, then I started to communicate more with you and we became friends.
And for Ansh and Dexter If I say, they are ACE for me because they helped me by getting out from a very big problem- BOOTLOOP with their RADev Team.
And Pulkit and me, Ha Ha..
We became friends on Flyme Meizu Chatbox (ChatDexter’s Telegram Group) .We both are equal in work so our Link was set up very good and we are inspired from Flyme meizu Chatbox and Pulkit started group and also he asked to help him so I joined ETT and we both now are managing ETT together.

Pulkit: I read Prashant’s work in Flyme Forums,
Plus I was also searching for a trustworthy person to work with me for ETT,
At first stage of ETT he was only one subscribed,
Many users exit the group again and again but he supported me a lot.
He also suggested me many useful tips to make our channel more interesting.
Then I asked him to join and help me to manage ETT and he said yes.
So in process we became a Duo.

Q. Last question. There are many mods and users who left the forum. What motivates you to keep making threads and stay here on Forum. What are your goals on Forum you want to achieve?
Prashant: Mainly KKPanda, diajent and CFTeam also motivated me by their excellent threads, So I'm keep working in forum.
My goal is to get good reputation till the end of the year and want to get name like you.

Pulkit: The main thing because of which I am a active member here on forum is Updates for my phone and recognition of my work and as long as I have a Meizu phone I will keep working for Flyme Forum.
''My Goals in Flyme Forum''
I keep on searching for things to do which can help me to improve my skills.
Right now there is a lot of potential in Flyme Forum.
I want to become a mod of Flyme Forum and also want to be a part of CFT Team.

So, this concludes this Interview and I hope you like it. See you guys next month in Episode 7.