[Flyme]Gmail apps not syncing properly



2018-06-30 20:54

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Edited by Trbst at 2018-06-30 21:12

Hi all,

First time poster looking for some help. Just bought my new M6 a week ago and have been pretty happy with it. But I keep encountering an issue where most google apps are some how stuck syncing.

When I first set up the phone it all worked fine and emails were being received immediately. Then I noticed emails dont arrive and saw in Account Settings that the sync status icon just stays in progress. Turned sync off and on, removed account and nothing. I reset my phone and then it  worked fine...for a day. Now i have the same issue. I am attaching a screenshot.

Android Version: 7.0 / Flyme Build:

Any ideas how to fix this recyrring sync issue?