[TUTORIAL] Configuring Google services with Flyme 7



2018-06-19 23:35

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This morning Flyme 7 was released for: PRO 7, PRO 7 Plus, MX6 and M5 Note. In this tutorial, we will see how to configure correctly Google's services with uncertified devices that have been updated to Nougat. MX6 and M5 Note.

- MX6 or M5 Note with Flyme 7.

Let's begin!
The first thing we should do: It's to install on our device Google Play Store and services with Google Installer from MEIZU App Store.

Then launch Security app > Permissions > App permissions.

For this applications:
- Google Account Manager
- Google Calendar Sync
- Google Contacts Sync
- Google One Time Init
- Google Partner Setup
- Google Services Framework
- Market Feedback Agent
Set all permissions to Allow. As: Dislay views on lock screen, Read contacts, Write / delete contact, Read list of installed apps etc.


Expect: Google Play Services, Google Play Store and Maps. We should given extra permissions as:
Pop-ups, Modify system settings, Install shortcuts and set Run in background to: Allow running in background.

Reboot the device and wait some minutes. After that, the syncs with Google's services and Play Store will work correctly.
If on your device is present Google Chrome and Gmail, do the same procedure on Google Maps.

I hope will help you