[World Cup Contest] Looking for Prophets of Games!



2018-06-07 12:24

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Hey guys! The World Cup is coming!!! Any football fan here? I assume plenty!
To match the exciting ongoing games, our community will hold 2 World Cup related contest: guessing the Final 16, and a website predicting games!
And today, the first contest is officially beginning!
The contest is really simple: write down the final 16 teams in your mind, and then after the Group Matches finishes, we will pick the highest predictions to give out prizes! To set an example, I will put a prediction first on the comment section.

Contest Duration:
12:00, June 7th, 2018 to 18:00, June14th, 2018 (GMT+8). The thread will be locked so no replies or changes are allowed after the deadline.

Contest Rules:
Pick 16 teams from the 32 Group Phase teams that you think will enter the Round of 16.
The teams in Group Phase are:
Group A: Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia
Group B: Morocco, Portugal, Iran, Spain
Group C: France, Peru, Denmark, Australia
Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria, Iceland
Group E: Costa Rica, Serbia, Brazil, Switzerland
Group F: Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Mexico
Group G: Belgium, Tunisia, England, Panama
Group H: Columbia, Poland, Japan, Senegal
Each group will generate 2 winners, and you can check the match schedules here.

Contest Prizes:
On July 1st, we will announce 3 winners. Users with the most correct predictions will win:
1 first prize: 1 HALO earphones
1 second prize: 1 POP earbuds
1 third prize: 1 MEIZU Bluetooth Set (EP51Bluetooth earphones + A20 Bluetooth Speaker)

Rule Explanations (Important to read):
1. A user can change his mind and reply multiple times before the deadline of this contest. We will use the latest answer as the user’s final answer. Even if your earlier answer proved to bemore correct than your latest one, we will still count your latest reply.
2. If more than 1 user had made the same prediction, the winner will be the one who wrote the prediction first. For example, if 5 users got all 16 teams correctly, then the 3 winners of first,second and third prizes will be the first 3 users who put down the correct answers.
3.To sum up, the number of correct teams comes first; and then, if the correct numbers are the same, we will check the reply time to settle the winner --- earlier one wins.
4. MEIZU reserves the right of the final interpretation of this activity.