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2018-05-19 02:06

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Meizu PRO 5
size:1.25 GB (1,349,048,202 bytes)

Change log:

Functional adjustment

• System
Record screens add shortcut sharing boxes,  follow your habits,  save every second.
Acceleration status bar is  hidden in  full-screen mode,  leaving  a  blank interface  that is  more comfortable.
Optimize the stability of the system and  repair the flashback gives rise to such as "app store" and "camera-face retrospective mode".
Improve One Mind's  recognition and  analysis capabilities,  and  solve problems such as  slow start of some applications.
Optimize the real-time ear-return  logic,  repair ear-delay delay,  play sound after connecting headphones,  and  so on.

• Document Management
Optimize the interface  display,  add "recently added" switch  option.

Problem improvement

• System
Solve the problems such as  auto-extinguishing the screen,  incomplete time display of the lock screen interface,  and  incomplete display of the multi-task “lock” icon.
Fixed the phenomenon of occasional sniffing in  the eye protection mode.
Solve the problem that the voice cannot wake up the voice assistant.
Solve the problem that some models of pedometers cannot be used.

• Communication
Fix the phenomenon that some models cannot receive SMS  (verification code)  normally.
Solve the problem of no vibration alerting the caller.

• Compatibility
Repair some models "job help", "application treasure", "live broadcast" flashback phenomenon.
Fix the "PayPal" restart phenomenon.

• Notification and  status bar
Solve the problem of blank notification in  the notification bar.
Fix the incomplete notification display in  landscape mode.
Fix the phenomenon that the quick switch  status of the flashlight is  inconsistent with the actual one.
After the VoLTE option is  turned on,  the status bar does not  display the HD icon.
Solved the problem that the Wi-Fi icon is  displayed in  the status bar when the wireless network is  not  connected.

• Settings
Fixed flashback after clicking the "Display and font size" option.

• Personal assistant
Solve the problem of black screen after entering the "Personal Assistant".
Solve the problem of flashback when the express mobile phone number is  bound.

• Night mode
Fix the phenomenon that the screen display time is  not  displayed.
Fixed the phenomenon that the part of the interface  still shows the night mode after exiting night mode.