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2016-05-11 09:54

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Hi fans,
Flyme International team is in Delhi, India for the m3note launch event.
We are excited to be part of the launch event.

We bring you all the event live updated here. Keep refreshing the thread to catchup with live timely coverage of the event.
Are you happy with the price & specification of m3note

41.pic.jpg 42.pic.jpg 43.pic.jpg
Latest updates in Flyme 5 - Themes, Localization & Monthly updates.
35.pic.jpg 36.pic.jpg 37.pic.jpg
Flyme 5 brings your Quick Share 33.pic.jpg 34.pic.jpg
Flyme brings lot of security features. 31.pic.jpg

The unique software design #Flyme systems, which is optimized for Androidgives a better user experience.
29.pic.jpg 30.pic.jpg
Jennifer - Flyme International Head on the stage introducing Flyme 5
25.pic.jpg 27.pic.jpg
Overall a compact design hardware.
Full metalbody with1080P screen
20.pic.jpg 22.pic.jpg 23.pic.jpg

Meizu m3 note is 0.5mm thinner than the previous generation, while packinga whopping 4100mAh battery.
#m3note delivers an astonishing battery life.
18.pic.jpg 19.pic.jpg

m3note is full metallic body.  
16.pic.jpg 17.pic.jpg
Mr. Leon Zhang, Marketing head of MeizuIndia, introducing the new m3 Note to fans, guests and media
14.pic.jpg 15.pic.jpg
12.pic.jpg 13.pic.jpg  Fans are all very excited.
9.pic.jpg 11.pic.jpg

Are you ready for the long lasting beauty? 6.pic.jpg 7.pic.jpg
Stage is all set
Media & Fans have started coming in...
4.pic.jpg 5.pic.jpg CiJoXjnVAAAdmdA.jpg
Its 7am in Delhi & the climate is pretty pleasant. We are getting ready to welcome fans, media & our partners.
1.pic.jpg 2.pic.jpg 3.pic.jpg

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