Amazing Invitations of Meizu Launching!



2015-12-24 18:37

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At its products' launching in recent years, Meizu could always bring pleasant surprise to its fans with creative invitations ofultimate uniqueness. Let's look back at the creative invitations of these years.

Meizu Pro 5 invitation - a real PRO

The invitation of PRO 5 comes in a box on which says MEIZU GO PRO, and inside is a GoPro Hero4 motion camera. On the invitation there is a climbing mountaineer who embodies Meizu’s unwavering effort to deliver phones with classic looks and amazing systems. The content of the invitation, GoPro Hero4 motion camera is not a prototype, but a real camera by which recipients can shoot 4K videos.This must be the most expensive invitation so far in the smart phone industry,and it also shows Meizu’s determination to GO PRO.


Meizu M2 invitation - a tribute to theclassic

The invitation comes with a square white box printed with "Meizu M2", inside which there is an invitation and a Nokia 1110 handset (functional). At the first glance of the Nokia 1110 handset, many people think it's definitely a dummy. But when the familiar image and music are presented after pressing and holding the power button for three seconds, they are struck by surprise and can't help sighing for the brand of Nokia and falling for Meizu's creative idea. It's hardly imaginable how Meizu can get so many 1110 handsets. Very impressive though!


MX5 invitation - hardest ever

MX5 invitation may be the biggest and hardest handset launch invitation ever. It turns out to be a full metal helmet inside, a 1:1 replica of the US military camouflage helmet in the Vietnam war movie "Full Metal Jacket". The teaser message "Born toKill" printed on the helmet may indicate that the new all-metal model will outperform its competitors.


Meizu M2 Note invitation - mBack key

The invitation itself is a piece ofordinary white cardboard. The highlight is the "0" of "602"in the center, a capsule-shaped metal ring indeed, dubbed the "mBack key", designed to replace the Back button of Android handsets.


No Blue invitation -  invite that stunned Apple

The invitation comes with a new iPhone5c back shell. "No blue" in hollow font on the package has a literal meaning of "没蓝 (Mei Lan)'' in Chinese, similar to the pronunciation of"魅蓝 (Mei Lan)". Meizu is perhaps the first to offer an invitation with a competitor's product component. Apple must also be surprised.


Meizu M1 Note invitation - Chinese festive style

The invitation is designed in a Chinese style this time. With the lunar New Year approaching, the invitation looks very festive. At the first glance, it's like a traditional Chinese wedding invitation, with red knot button, red font and highlights in the form of paper-cut window decoration, very chic. To be specific, it's designed as the door to home, symbolizing the united and happy family of Meizu and its fans as well as Meizu's vision to build a smart ecosystem.


MX4 Pro invitation - emotional touch

MX4 Pro invitation is a black albumcoming with a vinyl record. Vinyl records as a carrier of sound and music were popular throughout the 20th century and now seem to have become a symbol of "emotion". Meizu attempts to highlight its special product by offering such a special gift. The hundreds of copies of vinyl records and the different annotations on each record fully reflect Meizu's deep affection towards its product.·


MX4 invitation - a journey of a jigsaw

MX4 invitation is a jigsaw puzzle piece made from aluminum, which offers a delicate and smooth touch through the combination of dull polish, wire drawing and other processes. The aluminum invitation also shows a Flyme 4.0 UI based WeChat interface with good visual effect. Meizu introduces a new invitation style: win Meizu products by competing in the puzzle game. The highlight is on the back of the invitation. Every piece of metal has a unique laser-engraved QR code, by scanning which one can join the puzzle game.


MX3 invitation - handmade by J.Wong

The invitation this time is verydifferent from the past and looks very chic. It's a J.Wong, Meizu's founder, handmade wooden MX3model, which offers the look and feel of MX3 and delivers a similar experienceas a real handset. As we know, Meizu boss J.Wong ever relied on a wooden piece to simulate the actual feel when MX3 was designed. Also, on the back of the wooden piece, there's J.Wong signature. In addition, the wooden piece is also the ticket to the launch. Visitors are only admitted by scanning the NFC module on the back.



MX2 invitation - a piece of fine glass

The invitation is designed in a consistent manner as the Meizu MX packaging box. It takes the shape of a book. After it’s opened, time and location are shown on the left, while a piece of glass on the right. The invitation is not only pure and simple, but also offering a unique experience with only a small piece of glass. Also starting from MX2, Meizu's invitations embark on a road to ultimate uniqueness.


Author: 璟芸