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2018-05-13 20:51

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Before scrolling down, you can check the Introduction & last Episodes here – Vol.1 (Intoduction) , Vol.2 , Vol.3 and Vol.4

In Episodes 1, 2 and 4 the interviewees were Moderators. Episode 3 featured one of the biggest MEIZU fan – Filip Demski.
In this episode we will interview another Moderator and Beta Tester, Alexander popularly known with his Forum Name i.e. Encore96. His Forum Profile. He manages Russian and Ukrainian Sections on Forum.


Name: Alexander Makarov
DOB: 20-07-1996
Joined Forum on: 17-10-2015
Devices: Meizu Pro 6 Plus 4/128 gray, Meizu M6 Note 4/64 black

Living City: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

So let's start the interview.

Q.Which was your first Meizu device?
A.It was a Meizu M2 Note CHINA, bought from reseller

Q.Which Meizu phones you have used since first time?

A.Meizu M3s, Meizu M5 Note, and now i'm using Meizu Pro 6 Plus and Meizu M6 Note

Q.How and why did you buy it? What made your mind go for Meizu?

A.My friend suggested me to buy M2 Note, and after this I fell in love with Meizu. And bought four devices one by one. It was inspired by different situations, y'know. Even with a problems of Global version, Meizu devices stay sharp with design and its durability.

Q.How did you came to know about Forum?

A.Just read about it on 4PDA and registered on the Forum.

Q.Most users love Material design and want Stock Android ROMs, but opposite to it you dislike it and love Flyme and you're also a hard core Meizu Fan. What attracts you most?

A.Flyme, because AOSP lack  features, and have a dull design (It's my Humble Opinion, not a fact )

Q.Few words for Meizu and what will you suggest to improve it's present state?

A.Improve a Global department itself. Global developers especially. And listen to people needs and improve.

Q.You are always ready to help people and you even share your phone number. How do you manage it- Work and Life?

A.Just being myself. It's my credo to help people, even if they irritate me sometimes. But rarley I get angry over them.

So, this concludes this Interview and I hope you like it guys. Please comment below to share your experiences with Encore96.  See you guys next month in Episode 6.