[Weekly Discussion #4] Where would you prefer to have the phone speaker?



2018-05-06 20:57

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Hello flyme Fans,
Today is Sunday and I am Back with Another Volume of Our Weekly Discussion Series! Today we will be discussing on Smartphone Speakers!

As we know the speaker is one of the main contents of a smartphone, either on the back side, front side, or at the bottom, which does not give any difference in sound quality. But its position matters a lot, as it decides the size of the smartphone.

I often switch to speaker phone when no one else is around or I’m cooking or cleaning at home to both free up my hands. The louder and clearer, the better. Furthermore my phone in my alarm clock. Obviously, it is good to keep the phone speaker facing front which would be awesome when we are watching the screen.

However, people always want the screen bigger and the screen-body ratio greater. The screens need to be as large as possible thus leaving little or no space for speakers so that is why they might be placed at the back. Therefore, the obvious place is to place the speaker on the front side or bottom.

So Share your Views On,

Where would you prefer to have the phone Speaker?