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2018-04-20 12:18

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Here comes another review from the Content Factory Team with the product being the Meizu Flow. Its Meizu's first 3-driver hybrid earphone. The 3-driver system consists of a high-fidelity dynamic driver to enhance the depth of the bass and two highly sensitive balanced armature drivers to enhance the resolution and layering in mid and high frequencies.

So, lets go with the Unboxing first:

The unboxing was a really great experience. The box looks premium. It had a white cover on top with the Flow logo and the main box inside it. Meizu always surprises with its box designs for its sound products.

The main box had a typical image of the Flow showing the 3-driver system. Opening up the main box, the actual earphones are put in an aesthetic manner. Along with it lies an envelope of official paperwork.
P80419-173107(1)(1)_edited.jpeg P80419-165941_edited.jpeg P80419-170334_edited.jpeg

There's another section in the box below the earphones. This one showcases all the ear muffs you get along with it. Meizu being really generous to offer 5 pairs of earmuffs which are really premium and having being filled with foam inside.
P80419-170006_edited.jpeg P80419-170916_edited.jpeg

Also, you get a really nice and premium silicone sleeve case and a Flight adapter.
P80419-170424_edited.jpeg P80419-170725_edited.jpeg

Now lets get to the Earphones itself. The Earphones I must say are so premium. Worth the price you pay for. The feel it gives is really amazing. The material used for the earphones' casing is Aluminium but the earphones are very light and you wont feel them in your ears while wearing them.
P80419-172221-01.jpeg P80419-171350_edited.jpeg

Meizu cared for very minute details too. There's a mesh on the outside of the earphones and a small Meizu logo on each.
P80419-171430_edited.jpeg S80419-172120_edited.jpeg

The cable is quite long being 1.18m in length. But the cable looks sort of cheap due to the glossy and slippery finish. The cable is very strong though. It doesnt have the rubberish finish which HD50's cable has.

The best part of the cable is the 3.5mm jack. The shape is really great and gives a great feeling too. The buttons on the cable are good too.  
P80419-172015_edited.jpeg P80419-171855_edited.jpeg

So, this was all about the unboxing and the looks.
Now the Sound Quality.
Well, I cannot make you listen to the sound quality, obviously
But I can just explain about it.
The sound quality was indeed great. Crisp, clear and soothing sound. All the highs, mids and lows of song can be heard clearly. The volume is really loud. With the HIFI chip, it enhances even further. I cannot listen it at full volume, its tooo loud.

Well, afterall, Meizu started as a MP3 player company. So, no doubt about its sound products/accessories.

The CONS now-
1. The Bass is low, as per my choice. I have HD50 too, and its bass is really the best I heard till now. But considering it an earphone, the bass is good. With EDM samples or 320kbps samples, the bass is great.

2. The Cable. Well, I didnt like the cable's look and feel. And its a bit too long making it tangle quite often. Well, tangling is not that serious, as it just tangles a bit if you throw it in your bag casually. Use the sleeve, you wont be disappointed.

Well, I have the regular Flow earphones. Meizu had already launched the Flow Bass. Which guarantees better and richer bass than the regular Flow. I would suggest if you the Flow Bass if you are considering buying one. (FYI, Both the Flow and Flow Bass are priced the same.)

Final Verdict: Meizu Flow is good. But go for Flow Bass!

(P.S: All the photos in this thread were taken with Pro 6 Plus and have a filter so as to make the photos a bit more appealing and clear.)