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2018-02-05 21:59

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ku1018 replied at 2018-02-01 21:23
And the biggest problem that i have is that my phone is stuck in (boot loop.) the only thing i want ...

I'm sorry to say this, but it is very stupid that you are putting the blame on ali express, the phone was perfect when i bought it. but when you downloaded a global rom, the phone got stuck in boot loop.. you say i have to send it back to them and they will fix it for me, i dont understand why you dont talk to meizu china, so that they can fix the problem and make a new version? for us it will cost a lot of money to pay for postage to china, then pay for the repair and then pay for postage back, that will be a lot. i am not the only one with this problem, many more have the same problem. and please dont waste time pointing fingers, just fix the fault. i have been waiting four months and have not used the phone one day even. i hope the new global rom that comes will fix all these faults. i hope no one will get angry, I'm only speaking the truth, i have spend money on this. if there was no fault, i would tell you to fix it, but there is something wrong so meizu needs to fix this. i am waiting for a new rom, i hope you fix it. and you have to do it fast because you are loosing customers, it doesn't seem like you care so much about this problem. i think meizu phone is a very nice phone, but there are som faults that you need to fix. thank you
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