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2018-01-17 00:40

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  • File size: 1212MB
  • Release time: 2018-01-16
  • Developer: Flyme

Update records

Upgrade instructions
• after update or encounter any problems, can be accessed through the"user help"in the App for feedback.
• Through the mobile phone push to obtain the system updates safe, reliable, does not occupy storage space, but will not result in data loss.
• The entire update process takes about 20 minutes, please click on the“Update Now”button after patiently waiting, the update process do not press the phone button, to avoid the update by the interference.
• During the update the phone will automatically restart, with a small amount of heat belongs to the normal phenomenon, do not need to worry.

Function adjustment

Meizu service
Add Meizu service App, improve service quality, accompanied bythe exclusive butler
• Game Mode 2.0 (Charm Blue X / Charm Blue E2)
QQ / WeChat / TIM and other news to barrage form show, glanceat the game. Gaming keyboard support is on
Quick reply before the page, important things are no longer missed,grab a red envelope let alone.
Video / voice chat, phone calls and other reminders adjustedto mini notification, without leaving the game page to answer / hang up, to fullyreduce the game disturb.
Game Assistant integration screen recording function, youcan choose the start and end time, record the battle situation anytime, anywhere,easy to gain fans younger sister.
Problem improvement
Repair Flyme reboot in some scenes
Repair part of the scenes flashback phenomenon
Solve the problem of sound effect does not take effect
• apply the avatar
Solve the problem of occasional application can not benetworked
Solve avatar application notification can not be deletedproblem
Solve the notification switch on the avatar applicationinvalid
Open the system to solve the problem after the applicationcan not be turned off
• Game mode
Solve part of the scene under the game screen half-screendisplay problem
Repair Collapse video chat window interface display abnormalphenomenon

Solve the "QQ" / "WeChat" / "TIM"application encryption can not open the pop-up window problem