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2018-01-03 19:38

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  • Source : Flyme.cn

  • In an instant, 2017 is over and the new year has already begun. In the new year there will be what mobile phone industry black technology may become widely used by all of us?
  • NO.1: Fingerprint identification technology under the screen, this technology as early as last year was fired uproar. In the era of full-screen fingerprint recognition technology only on the screen was beautiful and practical, but many large manufacturers have not done mass production have made a compromise, I hope this can be achieved this year.

  • NO.2: Super fast charging technology, and now almost all mobile phone manufacturers have fast charge mobile phone, but also some manufacturers invented a super fast charge technology such as Huawei, Meizu, OPPO have promoted their own super fast 15 minutes Full, hoping to achieve mass production this year

  • NO.3 Graphene battery: Compared to the traditional lithium-ion battery Graphene battery has a long life, low heat consumption, high conversion rate and other functions
  • NO.4 long-range wireless charging: To be free from the wireless charging board control and charging distance issues such as science and technology can be considered very powerful Previously Apple has been studying this work requires low power to charge high speed radiation To be small problems

  • These are the new technologies that are expected to be introduced this year, and are welcome to forward the comments.