2018-01-01 17:32

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Unfortunately, the website was removed where the latest firmware was always available.
Now only available here Flyme addlink not working:

Android 7.0
File size: 1207MB
Release time: 2017-12-29
Developer: Flyme

Update records

Upgrade instructions
• charm blue Note3/ PRO 5 since the update the fingerprint identification schema, updating to this version will appear after the fingerprint failure phenomenon, re-entry after normal use.
• In the update or encounter any problems, can be accessed through the"user help"in the App for feedback.
• Through the mobile phone push to obtain the system updates safe, reliable, does not occupy storage space, but will not result in data loss.
• The entire update process takes about 20 minutes, please click on the“Update Now”button after patiently waiting, the update process do not press the phone button, to avoid the update by the interference.



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