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2017-12-30 15:02

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Hello friends,
As we all know that with the year 2017 ending, flyme has given us a new flyme global ROM G as a Christmas gift
and also solved lots of issues that were previously being found in thanks to our precious forum members.
So it's me again made this new thread to urging all forum members using m2 to post the bug they are facing with the new global release.
Since the release of the new version, some users facing annoying camera bug in the m2. and there will be lot more bugs or issues which is yet to be found. So to help flyme developers in providing us a good flyme experience we have to help them back by reporting the bugs we are facing.
So post all the issues you found in latest release here.

Issues found so far Issues faced by
There is a timing issue in the battery mode. If Saving mode is scheduled to save battery it doesn't work always and hence waking up notification method such as alarm failed to work. undeflorate
Battery Icon above the taskbar showing incorrect Data. Also Battery takes lots of time to full charge.ansh1410
Contact App problem. Showing some problem in during taking call.Gnath
Bluetooth freezing Mobile device problem, camera shutter sound not fixed, wifi automatically drops problem. Did the wifi connection dropped for wpa or wpa2 or for open connection were not mentioned. Bluetooth froze his device for which connection were not mentioned.YashiG
Posted a battery charging indicator problem. Charging indicator dropped to 1% when he connects the charger cable. Faced by me too._Bajiru_,HemRoy
No contact names in Logs, only numbers, even though numbers are in the contact list. Google Maps sometimes stop refreshing, does not give point by point directions, it is only solved by restarting the phone.EvaldasC
Battery Drain is the main problem of this update and no battery graph is there in the latest update.Nanisam, sisbane, omkar681, HemRoy