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2017-12-11 15:57

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Download link + Release Note
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· Suggest to back up and then clear up your user data before installing it.
· If an update failure prompt pops up when you try to install this update, please update your system to the last Flyme 5 stable version and try again.
· Downloading using cellular data may incur additional charges. If possible, please download the update file via WLAN.
· To avoid loss of data & if required, please perform Flyme or relevant backups before updating the system.
· To avoid bricking your phone, please do not turn off or restart the device while updating.
· If you want to roll back to Flyme 5 from this version, you will need to clear user data first.

· Tutorial about how to upgrade your firmware:

Download link:


MX4:  Download

M2 note:Download


M1 note:Download

MX4 PRO:Download

M3 note(M91&L91):Download

M3 max:Download


  • System
AddedScreenshot shutter switch. Hide volume bar when having screenshot
Added H265 format supported feature in FLV
Optimized system multi-language
Optimized font size of status bar, network speed display, andMute icon
Optimized reminder when battery is less than 10%
Fixed bug—occasionally unexpected restart
Fixed bug—losing Silent mode when a mutedphone restarts  
Fixed bug—the switch overlaps third-row icons in notificationshade

  • Security
AddedSecure Code Scan which can detect malicious QR code
Path:Security-Settings- Secure code scan
AddedFlyme security keyboard to protect your information
Addedhigh data-consumption warning to manage your cellular data
Optimizedstrategy for auto-cleaning junk to avoid multi-task conflicts
Updatedvirus data and reduced module size, making virus scanning more efficient

  • BatteryManager
Autoenable high performance mode when playing games, making the phone more fluent

  • OneMind
Learnabout user’s bedtime routine and work more efficiently

  • Files
Speededup refreshing of RECENT

  • Email
Optimizedrules of switching between last and next mail
Optimizedthe preview of attached files, knowing all contents easily
Optimizedthe way of loading images. Display images in detail page for data efficiency

  • Camera
Fixedflashback issue when enter the panorama mode

  • WLAN
Reducedthe time to connecting to WLAN
Optimizedthe display order of WLAN

  • Third-partyapps
Optimizedcompatibility to third-party apps
Fixedbug—fingerprint cannot be recognized by Paypal