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Flyme's File manager gives you power to do more.
we already know about general operations we do with our files ex: cut,copy,paste,move etc.Apart from that there are three more features you will need to give a try or may be use it for ever.
These three features are:
1)Desktop file manager: transfer files wirelessly
2)Vault : Hide your files
3)Recycle bin : don't loose your files

Let's take a look one by one.
1)Desktop File Manager
Are you tired of plugging usb cable everytime you need to transfer and manage your files via pc or laptop.
Here's what you can do, Open File manager and select desktop
S71122-10121200.jpg S71122-10143179.jpg S71122-10145328.jpg S71122-10155911.jpg S71122-10173554.jpg S71122-10171742.jpg
As soon as this setting are done you are good to go.
open your computer or laptop's file browser and enter ftp address ex: and press enter
your will be connected to your phone.
open your phones setting and turn on hotspot
and connect your phone's hotspot via laptop's wifi .
once the connection is established you will be able to see the contents of your phone and wirelessly you are connected to your phone.
Now you can copy, paste, cut, move, and delete etc your files via desktop without usb cable.

Want to keep your files hidden or safe.Here's flyme's vault
Setting up vault:
open file manager go to vault and you will be prompted to set it up . S71122-10112172.jpg S71122-10142478.jpg
set a password or you can use fingerprint to access the vault. S71122-10112756.jpg S71122-10114333.jpg
Moving files into the vault:
select files and select encrypt to vault from more options S71122-10200839.jpg  .
Moving files out of the vault:
select files in the vault and select move out. S71122-10220517.jpg
Isn't it easy !

3)Recycle bin
Don't want to loose your files or recover files deleted mistakenly.There's recycle bin for this.
Just turn on recycle bin from setting in file manager S71122-10231241.jpg
here are more vault options also.

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