Meizu pro 7plus, global rom



2017-11-18 02:39

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I am very unhappy with the customer service. I tried to contact both the flyme and the meizu customer service about my problem.
After i downloaded the global rom, i cant enter the system again, it wont enter the programs. Its just a loading wheel, and the flyme logo, and nothing happens. when i flash it with the computer, i used almost all the chinese versions, maybe 8 or 10. but it wont work, and it just says "the firmware is too old, please use a new version to upgrade". It has almost been three weeks, i have been waiting for them to make a new version that accepts the global rom. And during those three weeks i have downloaded all the latest versions, but its still the same problem, none of them is compitable. I know its not only me that has this problem, i have been in contact with many more. I didnt want to write you a bad review, but i had no choise. I used almost 700 dollars on this phone, and I cant use it. I hope that flyme or meizu will help us soon to make a chinese version that is compitable for blobal rom.