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2017-09-04 19:33

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Flyme 6 Global Stable started rolling out from July for all Meizu Phones and 3 phones - M5, M5s & M5 Note received a beta and stable firmware is yet to release for them. If you did not Downloaded "Update.zip" for your phone yet, you can download it from below links -

M2          - Download
M3s        - Download
M3E        - Download
M3 Max   - Download
M5          - Download (Beta)
M5s         - Download (Beta)

M1 Note  - Download
M2 Note  - Download
M3 Note  - Download
M5 Note  - Download (Beta)

MX4        - Download
MX4 Pro  - Download
MX5        - Download
MX6        - Download

Pro5       - Download
Pro 6       - Download
Pro6 Plus - Download

U10        - Download
U20        - Download

Some of the apps in Beta Firmware may have bugs. So i am sharing Latest version of all apps here. If you face any issue in any of the apps, comment in this thread and i will try to solve the issue.
I tested these app on my M5, and all of these apps are working except Camera. If it works in your phone, that is good for you, if not, i will update it soon.

How to Dowload -
1. Reply the thread to see the download link.
2. Download link will be displayed.
3. Click on it and you will be redirected to Google Drive Folder with All Apps.
4. You can download "Folder" or "Individual Apps" too(By clicking on Folder to access Apps inside it).

Note:- If you found any App not working, you can easily Restore to previous version by following these steps -
1. Open Settings
2. Tap on Apps
3. Swipe left to access Installed Apps
4. Tap on the App you want to Restore
5. Tap on Restore.
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