The Interview - Episode 3 Ft. Filip Demski (One of biggest Meizu Fan)



2017-09-03 18:13

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Before scrolling down you can check the Introduction & 1 st Episode Here and 2nd Episode Here.

In First 2 episodes, the interviewees were 2 moderators - Rudraksh & ChatDexter. If you are a regular user on forum, you know both of them. But for the 3rd episode, the Interviewee is neither a Moderator nor a regular user on forum. But as the theme of the series is "Big Fans" so he is here because he is one of the biggest fan of Meizu and you will soon find it "How?". He has almost every phone and product of Meizu and made some drawings too and he is just 14 year old. So without wasting time, let's start the Interview.

Name           - Filip Demski
Age              - 14
Profession  - Student (Junior High School)
Country       - Poland (Lives in village Lysomice near big city Torun)

Q: How many meizu phones you have total? Can you list them now?
A: I bought 12 Meizu phones and I sold 4 phones to my friends and 7 phones given to my family (father mother brother...)
And my phone is MX6
My family:
Me: Meizu MX6, EP51, selfie stick,  Band (H1) , A20,
My dad: MX5 (in this year he will buy M6 note)
My mum: M5 note
Brother: MX5 and EP51
My grandmother: M5
My grandmother 2 : M3s
My grandfather: M3 note
My neighbour: M5 note
My neighbour (2) : M3 note
My friend: M3 note and M5 note
My dad friend: MX5
And last day my second neighbour bought on AliExpress - Meizu M5 note 3/16 Gold
I will send You picture when it come
In November Im going to buy M5c and M6 note (for my dad)
Q: OMG so many phones there. Meizu is popular in Poland? Which device people like there most? How is after sale service?
A: Meizu in Poland is not much popular, most people don't know about Meizu. Last year in Poland shop was MX5 (I bought 2) and M3 note (I bought 3)
But now there is no Meizu phones in Poland...  But I read some news and I think offical distribution will be in 2018 (in Poland)  
When You buy Meizu in Poland shop (last year)  You have service for 2 years for free but when You buy phone on AliExpress and this phone is broken service in Poland don't want to fix it.
I think people most like M6 Note, becuase this is first phone with Snapdragon proccesor!  Dual camera,  big battery and low price!

Q: You have Facebook group, YouTube channel, any other social media ? Share link of Facebook group and YouTube channel.
A: YouTube channel:
Facebook group:
I don't have other social media

Q: So your first phone was Meizu?  Why you bought it? After that you only bought Meizu phones. What makes you to stick with Meizu phones only?  What you like about Meizu?

A: Yes, I bought one and then I was so  happy! Price was so low and specifications were so great!  MX5 (first Meizu phone)  was so fast, camera was perfect, and Flyme was brilliant!

One day I was looking for new phone on the internet, I wanted to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 and I was  looking for specifications,  then accidentally I clicked (on computer) on Meizu MX5, then I saw brilliant specifications!  I didn't knew anything about Meizu but when I saw this phone I said "ohh I must buy it" I checked the price and that was soo low,  and I was so suprised!  And next week I went to shop and bought MX5  and then I became so big fan of Meizu and now all my family have Meizu.
I said I bought MX5 in Polish shop...  yes...  because last year in Poland was MX5 and M3 note but now there is no Meizu phones in Poland shop but I read some news " in 2018 will be offical distribution in Poland"  
Meizu makes me more interresting about phones, technology...
And I don't want to buy diffrent phone possibly Xioami, Oppo or OnePlus
I love Meizu design, and specification, I also love the name...  MEIZUUUU,  it sounds brilliant and I love Meizu logo!

Q: So, you bought rest of phones and meizu products from AliExpress?
A: Yes,  but MX6 from Marcin Tymków (He is moderator on Flyme Forum). He is from Poland, and rest phone I bought from AliExpress.
5 phones in Poland shop
One from Marcin
And rest from AliExpress

Q: Wow, so nice of him, he is actually Super Moderator now. You have other Meizu accessories too. How is their performance?
A: Yes I have other Meizu things
Meizu EP51 (X2)
Meizu Band
Meizu Selfie Stick
Meizu A20
Performance is perfect!
Im going to buy Meizu EP52
Q: When you joined Flyme Forum?  How you found it? Is it good for users to get updates, news, tutorials, resources etc?

A: I join here probably 6 months ago.  I'm not visiting forum often.  I think this is great but all what I need I know, becuase I, read it from Facebook (I follow Meizu & Flyme from all countries)  
I found it because on Meizu phone is "Meizu Account" so I created.

Q: What are your thoughts about Meizu Pro7 and m6 note? Are they game changer for Meizu?
A: Meizu PRO 7... I was so much waiting for this phone!  I hear about 2× screens,  Exynos 8895 and everything is going to be great but...  there is no Exynos 8895 there is Mediatek... When I hear this news I want to cry ... I was dreaming about best Meizu flagship phone with Exynos or Snapdragon proccesor but...  Mediatek makes Meizu bad again . I love Meizu but there are to many Mediatek proccesor phones... and after that bad news (Mediatek in PRO 7) came M6 note model!  And this phone is the most appropriate Meizu phone!  
Snapdragon!  Yes, first Meizu phone with Qualcomm proccesor and very good dual camera, big battery and low price!  

My ratings are:
Meizu M6 note - 9/10
Meizu PRO 7 - 6/10

Q: As you have so many Meizu phones,  Camera of which phone(s) is best? Also which is best phone overall (Gaming / Performance / Build Quality / Price)?

A: Best camera... hmm it is hard question...  
MX5 has Best quality  (~5200px×3900px) but MX6 has the best colours.
But...  I don't have PRO 6, PRO 7 and M6 note, but Im going to buy M6 note, this phone is going to be so good!  I can't say much about camera because I think best cameras phone are M6 note, PRO 7 and PRO 6 but I haven't ithem yet.
Best phones of gaming...  performance...  and build quality?
Hmm... I think M6 note is the best according to price! Dual camera should make good photo, snapdragon proccesor makes phone fast and it doesn't take much energy from battery which is 4000mah!  

Q: What are your hobbies?  Any future planning in mind?
A: My hobbis are Slovenia,  China, technology but my best hobby is smartphones...  I love it!
In free time I help people in phones,  repairs for example old phones or I often recommend phones.  
I don't know my future but on this time I want to help Meizu! I want to work in offical Meizu Poland distribution which should be created in 2018!

Q: Your favorite location / place / country you want to visit?
A: Slovenia!  I love Slovenia, I don't know why but in this country is something special! People are so kind and friendly!  Slovenia is very small country but they are one of the best country in sport! Ski, basketball, handball, and volleyball.In football they are great too, but not the best

I also want to visit China!  Im learning Chinese (Slovenian too)  because when I want to read more info about phones and when I want to have better contact with Meizu, I should know Chinese!
I want to visit China becuase I want to visit Meizu and other Chinese phones HQ!

Q: Any suggestions for Meizu / Flyme?

A: Suggestion...  You are doing best work!  Best phones!  But my suggestion is...
Leave Mediatek... Please...  young people, some my friends which know something about phones don't want Meizu because in Meizu phones are always (90%) Mediatek...  I think You will change it!  (M6 note best device)
And Flyme...  Be carefull! Most people are not happy becuase they are waiting for Flyme 6... and when Flyme 6 comes people are not happy because there are often bugs,  bugs,  bugs.  For example...
Meizu M3 note (Flyme 6 stable)  phone works slower than in Flyme 5, and battery is worst than in Flyme 5...
Meizu M5 (Flyme 6 stable)  
In M5 battery works worst and phone is slower (same like in M3 note) and phone sometimes is automatically restarting...  
Flyme must works slower but better.
I like Flyme but Flyme 6 is not the best

And my private opinion about BlueCharm...  all is okay but pleaseee don't make BlueCharm logo, put on BlueCharm phones Meizu logo!
Meizu logo is perfect!  Most people like Meizu logo and don't want to change it on BlueCharm!  Please put ALWAYS Meizu logo!

So, that's it for this episode. Below are some other pictures shared by Filip and a drawing too which he drew for Meizu -
P70419-111812.jpg P70207-134603.jpg    P70520-150226.jpg P70830-182944.jpg P70410-155950.jpg P70526-134044.jpg