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2017-07-20 03:54

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hi meizu team.... how are you...
you ask to all and your moderator ask to all in flyme 6 update can also update android to 7 nougat... what you can simple changes in fylme 5 and give flyme 6 stable some features are aded but main purpose is android but they still stable in 5 what are you doing..... i know meizu is chines brand and they are not familier with android but xiomi updated system regularly why....  that are not chines brand..... today i sell my meizu m3 note but deal are cancelled because they have no volte and not Marshmallow or still 3 gb ram or 32gb rom same as other mobile phone so what different between your brand or other chines brand..... all over samsung is great they update all and also using lateat technology like phone payment eye scanning... also with nougat update..... your mobile phone can't be rooting or porting rom.... what the hell...... tell me what are you doing for global version.......