Question about mt6755 SoC in m3note



2017-07-17 19:38

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I spent a lot of time to find out, on which frequency Helio p10 runs. At Meizu official site it's written: ARM® Cortex®-A53™1.8GHz x4 + ARM® Cortex®-A53™ 1.0GHz x4, so it's two clusters of 4 core each, but in monitoring apps I can see strange things(I used cpuZ, aida64 etc, all of them show the same result, in the screenshots I used Trepn overlays for better understanding):
At screenshot 1 under heavy load (3dmark benchmark) cores 1-4 are at 1ghz, 5-8 are at 1.81, almost as it's written at the documentation.
At screenshot 2 core 1 runs at 1.81ghz! As cores 5-8. So I have 5 cores running at 1.81ghz!
I didn't catch other results in benchmarks but made some screenshots of cpuZ utility with close results.
So I have a question: It's measurement inaccuracy (which however exist in all monitoring apps), sensors or flyme bug or ability of SoC?
P.S. I use flyme 6 open beta, but it presented in flyme 5 too.