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2017-07-04 13:11

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The vote has been finished. Thank all viewers and voters' participation, we now have the voting results.
This time's contest is a bit special, voters who voted for top 5 winners can enter a lucky draw too. Unfortunately we spotted that some users created multiple accounts under the same IP address to increase their chance in winning the lucky draw. For a fair result, our admins checked all voters' IP. So the final result does not include those accounts under the same IP, and these accounts will not be able to enter the lucky draw.

The top 5 users with highest votes are:
1. brian_rodrigues - 141 (Next PRO Product)
2. rohit42 - 134 (EP51 + M10)
3. Rudraksh - 78 (EP51 + M10)
4. fatihakasoy - 48 (Meizu Mini Bluetooth Speaker)
5. R22Cohen - 42 (Meizu Mini Bluetooth Speaker)

And the lucky voters from the 5 users:
1. brian_rodrigues's lucky voter: MukeshP (M5c)
2. rohit42's lucky voter:Dantesik (Meizu Music Calendar + Meizu Notebook)
3. Rudraksh's lucky voter: dea6line_az (Meizu Music Calendar + Meizu Notebook)
4. fatihakasoy's lucky voter: Smirnoff_Commando (Meizu Music Calendar + Meizu Notebook)
5. R22Cohen's lucky voter: User5201479824 (Meizu Music Calendar + Meizu Notebook)

Please PM @KKPanda before 24:00 (GMT+8), July 20th to give your address to for the gifts.
Flyme team reserves all the rights and explanations to the contests and the results.
------------------------------------------------Original Thread--------------------------------------------------
Apologies to those users who have already seen this thread. You might be confused why it's not visible in the last 12 hours, however, we discovered that due to our mistakes in calculation, some of the previous candidates were chosen by mistake.

I know some of the candidates who were entered into the vote would be very disappointed, however, this contest means a lot to both Flyme team and our forum users, and a lot users replied with their life stories and shared great stories with us. Therefore we have to make things right even it means admit our mistake in the first-time calculation.

To make things more transparent, here we will explain the calculating rules again:
1. Users who replied before 18:00 (GMT+8), June 2nd will be counted into the lucky draw. Until the contest end, we have 326# replies, and minus the first contest content, we have 325 users' replies in total, and 325 will be our number to do the calculation;

2. We will only choose the replies which are strictly follow the rules: photos+profile screen shots+original content+no spam. And if one user happens to be chosen for more than once, the chance automatically goes to the next valid reply. Some users used photos from the Internet, and some users created multiple IDs to participate; all these behaviors are cheating, and if cheating is reported and confirmed with evidence, the cheating user will be disqualified;
3. It is because valid replies sometimes are difficult to find, after the calculation we always have to go through some invalid entris to get a valid reply, therefore the actual candidates' reply numbers might be different from the theoretical calculations.

Since last night's calculation, I received a lot private messages, in which users expressed their doubts and report some cheatings. This is the new calculation we have made this morning. We disqualified some confirmed cheating candidates.

We hope this time we did it right. So let the vote begin!
(View contest content here) Here are the candidates for the voting! Vote for the best answers and win the chance to get great prizes together with the winners!
Attention: forum app cannot see the vote, please use your PC or Flyme Browser to make the vote. A user can vote to 5 candidates at most.

Multiple Polls: ( Maximum 5 choices ), Total 490 Users voted

Rudraksh - Laptop


190Vote 23.51%


brian_rodrigues - Parents, friends and etc.


173Vote 21.41%


Muyied - Watch


30Vote 3.71%


jaga5200724736 - First smartphone and dog


35Vote 4.33%


Solarwind71 - Elf figurine


26Vote 3.22%


fatihakasoy - Old PC


81Vote 10.02%


Goldwyn - Watch


26Vote 3.22%


rohit42 - Photo, slip, wallet and etc.


176Vote 21.78%


egine - Her husband


24Vote 2.97%


R22Cohen - Dog


47Vote 5.82%

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