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2017-06-21 16:50

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If you are a member in the forum, you might be hearing this ID: tymcio. He is the only super moderator in this forum and he was here from the very beginning when this forum was firstly built. So naturally, when we're celebrating Flyme's 5-year anniversary, he is the first one to come to the team's mind to do an interview.

Name: Marcin Tymków
Age: 25
Profession: MBA student, software developer, creator of GizChina (Poland)
Location: Wroclaw, Poland

5 years ago, Marcin was a student majored in computer science, and now this tech-lover has his own technology website which is mainly introducing and reviewing Chinese smart devices. Apart from managing this website, Marcin is now studying for his MBA in Wroclaw University of Technology, and he is also  a new Business Developer in a software house.
▲Marcin's college dormitory

2 years ago, Marcin has heard from one of his friends that Chinese smartphones are doing good these days with cheaper prices than the major brands. After some research, Marcin bought an Meizu PRO 5, which was the latest flagship device at that time. And here begins the story between Marcin and Flyme.

Now Marcin lives in Wroclaw, Poland's 4th largest city and second largest finance center city. Here, he finished his Bachelor's degree and is still studying now. Apart from studying, Marcin devotes most his time to work. Ever since his first job 7 or 8 years ago, he's fascinated by technology. His first job was making a Wordpress page for a small company, and this first job made him decide that he wanted to study in Computer Science.

Now come to think of it, Marcin still thinks he didn’t start learning programming faster. But luckily, he always got the passion for technology, and this passion in turn drives him to learn and make progress. Because of this passion, he created the website GizChina Poland so more and more Polish users can know and understand Chinese smart device brands. And it is the rapid development of this website that makes Marcin proud.
I’ve developed much more skills, especially “the soft ones”. Thanks to a lot of contact with customers and other people I’ve learned how to negotiate and sell the products, which helps me every day. But with soft skills I’ve improved also these “hard ones” – website development, article writing, foreign languages (English, a bit of German, a bit of Spanish).
When talking about Flyme, Marcin has more to say about it.
After I’ve been using Meizu Pro 5 for some time I wanted to know more about the brand and popularize it in Poland. I started looking for internet for some information about Meizu and Flyme OS. Then I found Flyme OS Global Community where I joined and started to be active user. At the same time I started building my own, Polish website about Meizu devices and Flyme OS, where I’ve been writing news and tutorials for it.

As the super moderator, the beta tester leader, and the FAQ moderators' leader, Marcin is definitely a very core member in Flyme users. He always put it as his own responsibility to improve the community and help other users.
making review.png
Making reviews for Meizu devices

In Poland this isn’t well known brand, so we didn’t have Polish community about it (now there is, mine), so I’ve been looking for other people, who know more about Meizu devices and Flyme OS to share knowledge, feelings and get new information about it.
Work station.png
▲Marcin's working space

In his own life, Marcin is a very optimistic guy who's willing to know more people and making more friends. He has the same personality when facing friends and strangers. To communicate with different people is one major thing that he thinks very important because in this way you can absorb different opinions and suggestions. It is due to this life philosophy that his friends think that he can help solving manyproblems and he knows many people from different trades – kind of “knowneveryone” man.
When I'm in a party full of strangers, I would start getting know as much people as possible, so the party will change from “full of strangers” to “some are strangers” or “full of friends”.
When asking if this personality comes from his parents, Marcin said definitely. His parents arethe role model for him because they taught him a business and how to handle in crisissituations. In ’90 Polish people living in the country didn’t have easy life –there weren’t  well paid jobs, etc, buthis parents were starting own businesses and doing everything they could to givehim and his siblings a great life and a great example.
The the major events thattouched him was the Big Flood in Poland in 1997, when his home was damaged but his parents handled everything. Another thing that affected him a lot wasstarting studying. He met many great people there, organized a lot of events andexperienced how is it to be an adult.

When speaking of his shortcomings, Marcin said he doesn't like his 'multi-tasking' habit. He always involves in too many projects simultaneously by starting something new and then something new again. But he wants to change. Instead of giving  20% time for 5 projects, he wants to devote 100% time for just 1 project.

The changing can be miserable, but luckily Marcin has already found a girl who can share everything with. Last year, his girlfriend said 'yes' to his proposal, and they plan to get married in next year. In his leisure time, he enjoys the time he spends with his fiancé the most: walking, watching movies, talking and travelling.
▲Marcin and his fiancé

This year marks the 5-year anniversary of Flyme, and in the past 5 years, Marcin has finished some milestones himself, too. He got his Bachelor's Degree, created a rapid-growing technology website, got engaged with his beloved girl, and etc. But there are so much more he hasn't finished yet. In the next 5 years, Marcin sees himself becoming a CEO of some startup, a father of great kids and a husband of great wife.
I want to become someone like my idols: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. People who are changing the world by doing only this that is their real passion. Each of them made huge impact on how our lives looks like now.
When asking about what would he like to say to Flyme, Marcin said "I would like to say“Good Job” and wish more and more fans. Also would like Flyme to get more developmentforces and expand more and more globally (also to Poland)."
I know you can be annoyed of Flyme OS development, but trust me, as person who has some knowledge about Android development I would like to ask you – be patient. It’s very hard to do it and I am really happy that Flyme development team is doing everything they can to keep deadlines and give us the best software.