Custom ROM?



2015-12-10 20:09

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ROM stands for "read only memory",your microwave has a ROM, your TV has a ROM, your DVD player, and even youwasher, drier, oven, etc., may or may not have "ROM". If it has adisplay that can show information based off of user input, and its not designedto be modified from its factory configuration, then it's probably"got aROM". So when your talking about android, a "custom ROM" issoftware that was made by someone (or a group of people), other than the OEM.This includes, but is not limited to, modified android operating systems basedoff AOSP... Such as, paranoid android, AOKP, jellybean, miui, or cyanogenMOD(although cyanogenMOD is a bit farther away from other AOSP based ROM's. Forexample, you cannot flash an AOSP kernel, on a cyanogen ROM). A custom ROM caneven be composed of completely ground up software, such as Firefox OS, andUbuntu touch based systems. It can even refer to a stock AOSP(android opensource project), based ROM, that has been compiled for a device with ROM's thatcome custom with the device (sence, touchwiz, etc.). Android ROM's sometimescome with there own kernels built in, which is why when flashing a ROM/kernelcombo, it is done by first flashing a ROM, and then flashing a kernel"over it". I would also like to point out here that although itusually requires root to install a custom ROM, a custom ROM is not necessarilyrooted, and you may have to flash the SU binary scrip"over" the ROM,to regain root access (although most custom ROM's come prerooted).

"ROM" is usually a misnomer on android, since the flash memory modulesin most smartphones is of the read/write kind (but, for the sake of simplicity,I Shall call them "read only memory software", or "ROM"since, "ROM's" usually replace files with "read onlypermissions", and most of the android community calls them,"ROM's" ((although its "wrong", or"slang"...)).It should also be pointed out that ROM's are device specific, so don't flash aROM for a gs3, on a gs4, or a nexus 5, it won't turnout pretty, you have beenwarned. (Please don't flash you "fridge", with a"microwave"ROM/kernel/recovery, your fridge won't know what temperature to chill at if itsreading 100% radiation for 60 seconds, and your microwave doesn't even know howto "lower degrees". I'm not responsible for broken microwaves, or hotfridges... )