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2017-06-12 04:05

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Edited by HemRoy at 2017-06-26 12:14

Hello flyme members,
We all know that meizu takes too much time in providing global updates for meizu devices, thus there are so many fans who rather using the flyme global likes to try custom ROM and Chinese flyme roms on their devices and for that reason meizu phones lose its stock recovery and then we have to search through out the net for the stock recovery. One of meizu device m2 mini, users tend to flash custom recovery for custom ROM or in the recent days some users managed to flash Yun os version on their m2 and then lost stock recovery.

For them I uploaded two stock recovery files which they can use to get back their stock recovery in their device. Most of the users flash​ TWRP recovery from flyme 4.5.4i for tasting custom ROM and from 5.1.12G to flyme 6 Y version to taste latest updated flyme Chinese ROM. So I have uploaded stock recovery files for these two versions. You can download them from Google drive and using Rashr Flash tool (root users actually, and you know how to get root access) can flash those files to get back your stock recovery. Rashr​ flash tool is available at google play store.

Update: As the latest fixed version has come here I also shared the stock recovery of flyme You can now download the stock recovery and can use it if by any chance you lost stock recovery of your m2.
Here is the link, from where you can download the stock recovery files.

1) flyme 4.5.4i Global stock recovery from google drive for 4.5.4I

2) flyme 5.1.12 Global stock recovery from google drive for 5.1.12G

3) flyme Global stock recovery from google drive for

Hope this will help you guys. Thanks.