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2016-04-02 22:36

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Hello Guys,

Today I am going to introduce you to an app where you can be little creative.
Little creative with Screenshots you take.

The app is called

We take different Screenshots based on the situations and the people we want to share.

But how about sharing it in style. Whatever the situation is, it's always good to add some color to it.
the app works very simple. It helps us to save some time doing tedious work on Photoshop. With some couple of taps you get a cool looking screenshot ready for sharing
the interface is clean and it has 3 different styles
  • Flat
  • 3D
  • Minimal
Inside each of the style more customization awaits you.
General to all styles the options are similar but in flat style there is an additional option of wearable frames.
First you have to select the phone in which you want to display your screenshot.
After that, of course select your screenshot
Below, there is a bar in which you can change the lighting as well as drop shadow over the phone.
Sliding that bar to left bring more options
you can customize your background with it
either you can add a color or you can put an image and blur it. blurring depends on your preference. There is also an option you can make use of custom colors by sliding the RGB sliders.
Finally, at the top right of the app there is a button. Tapping on it brings three different options
save share and favorite.
You can choose accordingly
OK, now you have created a cool looking screenshot ready to share and save.

Hope everyone liked it and Thank you for reading the thread.

link to awesomness: https://play.google.com/store/ap ... code.screener&hl=en

Hope to see your screenshots in the comments below.