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2017-05-30 16:53

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As we know, Meizu had its Ukrainian Fan Club opening on May 24th in Kyiv. And this time, Flyme team joined this event and had a wonderful night together with our fans and media friends.
Also, if you're from Odessa and is keen to contribute to the fan club community, check this thread here:
We're Hiring Fans' Leader in Odessa!

More Language Option: Українська версія

The event was divided into 4 parts:
- Flyme Roundtable Discussion
- Media Interview with Meizu Leaders
- Event Announcement
- Games and Leisure Section

[Flyme Roundtable Discussion]
The selected fans who submitted the product questionnaire before May 23rd were invited to join a Flyme Product Discussion in the event venue Arena Terrace. On the discussion, the fans answered questions related to users habit, system performance and forum issues; on the other hand, they also asked the questions which concerns them the most, including Flyme 6 schedule, Android update and other bugs and suggestions. The Roundtable Discussion Q&A will be attached at the end of this thread, don't forget to check it if you're a concerned user!
7.JPG 10.jpg 8.jpg

P214.JPG (From the right to the left: Galvin - Flyme International Director, Guozhi - Flyme System Platform Director, Harry - Flyme Firmware Project Manager)

[Media Interview with Meizu Leaders]
In the conference space C-Hub of the flagship shop of, Meizu's official distributor in Ukraine, Meizu's global sales director Mr. Daniel Ding was interviewed by over 50 media. He talked about Meizu's vision in Ukraine, and how we'll work better with Citrus.
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[Event Announcement]
And the place is moved to Arena Terrace again, Mr. Daniel Ding announced the official establishment of Meizu Ukrainian Fan Club.


[Games and Leisure Section]
After the announcement, we entered games and leisure section. Guests were invited onto the stage to play games, and rest users were walking around the venue, eating, drinking and talking. The experience zone was also packed with people.
IMG_8976.jpg 6.jpg IMG_9297.CR2.jpg P1790351.JPG P1790446.JPG P1790488.JPG 2.jpg 3.JPG 4.jpg    IMG_9635.CR2.jpg 11.JPG

Flyme Roundtable Discussion Digest

Fans: When is Flyme 6 stable version coming?
Flyme: We released a statement that we'll release stable version in July. We're sparing no effort to deliver 2 models' stable version in mid July, and the rest devices will receive stable update in the coming month one by one.

Fans: We want Android update very much, do you have any plans regarding Android update?
Flyme: Yes, we are working on the update.

Fans: I read in your launch event that 3D Press is open-sourced, so I tried to create some app or feature on my own to use this feature, but it seems your technical files are all in Chinese, can you help?
Flyme: We can provide the English file of 3D Press for developers, if that's what you need.

Fans: We want Android update because once you've updated to new Android, a lot useful features will coming in, like fingerprint feature.
Flyme: We wouldn’t include ALL stock features because every Flyme version changes and decides features from Android open source project. Also our operation team collects feedback and request from multiple channels, and we are constantly adding new features according to users’ voices.

Fans: And what about the GMS issue? Will Meizu ever get certified?
Flyme: We are now making very positive progress here.

Fans: Will you release any flagship device with snapdragon chip? Or are you guys going to stick with MTK?
Flyme: Flagship devices are on the way, and snapdragon device is not impossible, but since this is a hardware topic, we cannot provide too much info on this.

Fans: We found the Pedometer in A version very useful, is it possible to built it into G version?
Flyme: Sure, if it's a request that needed by the majority of users we will do our best to bring it to G version.

Flyme: What do you think about the forum?
Fans: 1) To be honest the forum web is a bit complicated, sometimes it's very difficult to find the contents I want... and it's not very easy to find Ukrainian section. So if we have a forum tutorial it will be better;
2) the forum app is not very user-friendly, uploading file in the app is very difficult and slow, and Ukrainian section is not easy to find here either.

Flyme: What's your suggestions about the forum?
Fans: 1) Maybe we can add feature which collects contents based on phone models, so when we enter each model's section, all contents are there to be read;
2) Maybe a 'Subscr iption' feature so I can subscribe the content I'm interested in;
3) Streamline the forum structure, it's too messy and complicated now.

Flyme: What's the content that interests you the most?
Fans: We want to know more first-hand Meizu and Flyme news. For now the contents are not very rich.

Flyme: What do you think about the system Browser and App Store?
Fans: 1) For Browser, our Ukrainian users receive Russian news everyday, we want Ukrainian news, or an option that can disable the News section;
2) There is no review or feedback feature in App Store; in Google Play, users can write reviews and contact the app developers. It will be much better and easier for us to report app issues if Flyme App Store has this feature;

Flyme: During your daily usage, what are the issues in regards of stability and performance?
Fans: 1) My phone suffered from losing contacts (M2 Note and M3 Max);
2)There was a time when Flyme account cannot be properly used, I have to downgrade to Flyme 4 to use it properly;
3) The battery sometimes has a bug which when it reaches 30%, the number will be decreased drastically and then it powers off.
Flyme: The contact and account problem is related to the changes in Account Center, we're working on it; and we'll test the battery issues to find what's wrong with it and solve it as soon as possible;

Flyme: Are you satisfied with the system's Ukrainian translation?
Fans: 1) I think the translation is alright, but sometimes the word is too long, especially when it's a pop-up box, the two options 'Yes' and 'No' in Ukranian are so close to each other that it looks like one option; there are similar cases with long translations;
2) Some interface still has English or even Chinese;
3) Some translations are not very accurate.

Flyme: Any other bugs or suggestions that concern you?
Fans: 1) I cannot search music by the file name in Music apps even when I downloaded the songs, neither English nor Ukrainian works;
2) Sometimes NFC function fails (50-50 chance);
3) The Music app cannot scan the the SD card for songs; and when I opened multiple apps, Music app crashes down easily;
4) We don't have Kyiv weather or timezone options, please add it;
5) The Pedometer feature in A version is very useful, we want it in G version.

This is the main contents from the event, don't forget to check the Ukrainian section for the
Odessa Fans' Leader Recruitment! See you next time!