2017-05-20 20:06

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As you guys know, the Google I/O keynote just ended with a lot of exciting announcements and also improvements to many of the existing services. As the first preview of Android O was also released for Nexus & Pixel devices, many people registered for the beta and got OTAs to flash the new firmwares on their devices. One such user is linuxct from XDA and he has managed to backport the Android O revamped Pixel Launcher to devices running android as low as 6.0.1+
Here's a look from the new launcher


1) Since the APK is signed with the backporter's key, you need to remove all previous versions to be able to install it. Placing it as a system app also enables you to get Google Now in the left panel.
2) Most of the times, the first time you try to open the app it needs to generate a file called reflection.engine, which is required by Pixel Launcher. Since it doesn't exist, the app forcefully exits. Give it one minute and try to open it, then it should be working

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I brought you the First Closed Chinese Beta of Flyme 6 within a day of it's release, maybe i'll bring you Flyme 7 too whenever it's released.
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