Stay Safe, Another new attack of malware



2017-05-19 05:49

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As we are living in the digital era, we all use internet heavily to surf and download data for various reasons. As Currently the wannacrypt malware has affected millions of systems throughout the world a new type of malware cum trojan has begun it's attack with the use of same vulnerability (Eternalblue Exploit developed by NSA) of windows that was used by wannacrypt malware. It's called "AdylKuzz" virus is a trojan written brilliantly that user can't even find any trace on his system of it's existence. Security researchers already told, it has much more potential to make thing worse than wannacrypt. So beware, anytime any mail or any untrusted site surfing can make you the victim of the new virus..

Some important steps to follow these days to keep your system safe.

1. Keep everything backup as possible.
2. Don't stay too much on the internet.
3. Never search for any cracks or patches, or never goes for downloading any pirated software.
4. In the browser install https everywhere plugin, Noscr ipt security suite or Umatrix plugin or similar types and Disable Javascr ipt. Using those plugin allow only those site's javascr ipt which you trusted.
5. Add browser safety plugins in the browser launched by antivirus farms like avira browser safety plug-in for opera browser.
6. Keep your browser up to date.
7. Don't try to open any unknown email, as well as attachments.
8. Never use internet explorar, because much of the attacks​ has been done using vbscr ipt that supported in IE.
9. For these days try not downloading any software from unknown location.
10. If possible then try Linux or Android when you surf the net.
11. Use a trusty antivirus suite for every device you use for net surfing.
12. Use sandbox software for website browsing, like Sandboxie software.
13. And lastly keep your system update.

To all flyme members​, stay informed, stay safe and keep your system safe.