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2017-05-25 08:24

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sunnyholmes create on 2017-05-25 07:28
Here's my view, I have used both Meizu M3 Note and Redmi Note 3 32GB versions and honestly I like both UI, the themes and UI in my opinion better in Flyme but if you want to know full capabilities of a phone, my suggestion is to root it and then check out its performance, no offence to both UIs(Flyme and MiUI), their customizations and UI features makes them slower than the skeletons and the thing which offended me is that until now there's very less support for M3 note, I gave my Meizu to my brother and he's happy but the option of no warranty void on rooting a Mi phone makes me lean towards it and my Redmi have also had many accidents but it's as good as new, though M3 note is a lot sturdier(also heavier)Another thing which makes me support Redmi Note 3 is its custom ROMS, I have tried many custom ROMS and they made my note 3 a beast while my M3 note is a lot slower with just FlymeSo my vote goes to Redmi Note 3Another note but this is for Meizu team:Guys you're doing a good job but try to be more awesome and launch some devices with Snapdragon SoC as it's more powerful compared to mediatek choosers of the same range and try to release sources ASAP and MODERATORS, please if you or anyone you know is a developer, try to develop or port a ROM for Meizu devices. This is my opinion and I am not trying to offend someone or undermine Mediatek or any other processor but due to high support and high performance I support Snapdragon processors.

thanks bro for sharing your view.
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