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2017-05-01 01:18

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Meizu has launched it's latest smartphone in the form of the Meizu E2 earlier this week. Here are the highlights of the launch event in case you missed out on the live streaming of the event.

14:23 PM
After a gap of 2 months, Meizu is all set to introduce a brand new device in Beijing.



14:26 PM

The registration counter is ready to attend the guests who are attending the event.




14:41 PM

The venue looks colorful and set to host the attendees. The ambience looks great.



14:50 PM

The fans are all excited and ready to welcome the brand new member in the Meizu smartphone line-up.



15:12 PM

Meizu Vice President Li Nan steps on the stage.

15:13 PM

Ever since it's introduction, the Charm Blue E (first generation of the Meizu E series) smartphone has been very popular among the youth for its beautiful design, fast charging, aggressive pricing etc.


15:16 PM

With the Meizu E2, we want to take one step further to have a perfect balance between the design, value and performance of the product.


15:21 PM

Compared to the previous generation of the Meizu E series, there are a few changes in the design. The Bezel has now been made narrower by 0.025mm. The thickness of the body has also been reduced by 0.4mm and the phone weighs just 155g. The manufacturing of the body has gone through CNC carving, high-edge diamond cutting, sand-blasting, nano injection etc. to ensure the best possible quality.


15:23 PM

Since the past couple of days Meizu has been teasing the smartphone to implement a new design. As Jonathan Ive has said, "Don't be different just to be different".

The back of the phone contains some important elements of the phone which include a camera, flash and antenna lines are are an integral part of the design but this design of the smartphones has not changed for many years. So how about we integrate all these elements together.


15:24 PM

The Meizu E2 introduces a brand new design which integrates the flash and the antenna lines perfectly to bring an innovative new design. The design looks minimalistic yet one of the most beautiful design ever seen in a smartphone.


15:25 PM

The Meizu E2 comes in 3 different colors to choose from namely Moonlight Silver, Champagne Gold and Obsidian Black




15:26 PM

Meizu is a brand connected to the youth which tries to bring new and innovative products for the young. Last year, Meizu collaborated with Star Trek series to bring a limited Star Trek edition phone which was loved by all the Meizu fans around the world. This time Meizu brings to you the Meizu E2 Transformers Limited edition version.




Do you like the design.

15:27 PM

The Meizu E2 sports a 5.5 inch Full HD screen with support for wet hands and operation with gloves.


15:27 PM

The Meizu E2 is not only Beautiful but comes with Powerful performance as well. It comes equipped with an Octacore 64 bit Helio P20 chipset, 4GB RAM with upto 64GB onboard storage, Flyme 6 with OneMind AI Acceleration.


15:32 PM

The Meizu E2 comes with a powerful 3400mAh battery with mCharge fast charging capabilities which can easily last you 2 days on a single charge.


15:36 PM

The phone also comes with mTouch fingerprint sensor.



15:38 PM

The Meizu E2 comes equipped with excellent set of cameras which include a 13mp rear camera and a 8mp selfie camera. This is coupled with 4 LED flash to give a more natural color and a perfect picture even under low light.


15:39 PM

The front facing camera is perfect for selfies through its self timer and beauty enhancing features.




15:40 PM

With its 4 LED flash design and an intelligent LED coding chip, the Meizu E2 is surely one of the best 5.5 inch smartphone designs out there.




15:42 PM

The mobile phone is no longer just a communication device but an expression of personality. Keeping this in mind, Meizu has launched an all new Hi Case which is a first for the Meizu E2. The case comes in 3 different colors to choose from namely Fluorescent Green, Flaming Red and Clear Blue. It supports 15 different kinds of flash designs along with a Meizu logo luminous effect.


15:43 PM

The Hi Case protective cover is officially priced at ¥79 but you can get it for just ¥59 when you buy it bundled along with the Meizu E2 and the explosion proof protective screen guard has been priced at ¥99.

15:45 PM

A quick glance at the features of the Meizu E2.


15:45 PM

The Meizu E2 is priced at ¥1299 for the 3GB+32GB version and ¥1599 for the 4GB+64GB version.


16:48 PM

The Meizu fans and atendees have a hands on and first experience of the Meizu E2.