[Activities]Ukraine Flyme Fan Meetup 2017 - 24th May



2017-04-27 14:50

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After Russia, we are coming to Ukraine (Kiev) to meet our fans.

We believe strongly in the Flyme community & with that keeping in mind apart from interacting with you all on the forum, we'd love meeting our fans face to face.

This fan meet up is on 24th May. Flyme International leader, product manager & community manager are flying down from Shenzhen to meet & hear your feedback about Flyme.

So, if you are excited to be part of this event and live in Kiev, if you want to be part of this fan meet up, please register here with all your details before May 5th, 11:00PM Chinese time:

Note: for a better productivity, our forum admins will be reviewing all the entries, so English is required when filling the form.

We will be shortlisting the participants after which we will email them the venue & event details.
Help us spread the word & see you all soon.

Flyme team.