How long your Flyme runs?



2017-04-24 18:29

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Edited by undeflorate at 2017-04-24 11:29

During the days we are waiting for stable Global Flyme 6 version, we cannot go forward without mention how stable the beta versions are. As you can see in the attached picture, previous Flyme 6 beta  ( runs more than 1000 hours without forcing me to restart the phone, without any lags, any critical issues. So, it seems Flyme is a very stable configuration/modification of Android. I could reach this running time with only my Motorola Defy+ with Android 2.4.6 some years ago.

Let's keep going Meziu, and release stable version as soon as possible to set this running time reocord for me.

How long your Flyme runs? Upload your screens.

Flmye on M3S

Flmye on M3S