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2017-04-16 19:38

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2017 is supposed to be the year of VR. (Or was it 2016?) As such, I'm curious how many of you are doing your virtual duty to the tech trend overlords and engaging with this content. Mobile VR headsets are all the rage right now, with players coming out of the woodwork all over the place in an effort to get in on the ground floor of the VR revolution.

Except, I'm curious if you, bleeding-edge tech enthusiasts, actually even care about or use VR (or, have used it more than a handful of times after relegating your headset to an indefinite residence in the closet).

At least part of the problem with mobile VR has been the hardware - the horsepower just isn't quite there yet for the truly immersive experiences systems like Vive and Oculus provide. But there's also the problem of VR itself

Anyway, what say you? Do you use VR? How often? Sound off in the comments after voting in the poll below.

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