Do you prefer buying smart phone online or offline?



2017-04-11 12:55

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We all today live in a digital world where sitting at home you can order things and get it in few hours. That’s the fast phase life we all are living. Thus, Internet world is an effective platform to sell products. Today we buy not only cloths online but also our groceries and medicines too.

Coming to smartphones how do you prefer buying? Do you like going to retail stores or malls, experiencing the phone and then buying it or you prefer placing the phone order online by hunting down some online coupon codes and getting it at a best price.

Offline smartphone market comes with few advantages like you can actually see how the phone looks & functions before you invest your money, however the retail stores might have some markup value on the devices. On the other hand offline eCommerce websites can offer you competitive prices with the risk that you might not exactly know how it would appeal to you once you get it.

The common thing to notice is that many of the resellers selling through online stores are actual retailers who subsidise the costs dramatically. This is not entirely surprising, since a number of the sellers in the online market places are dealers and distributors who also supply to the offline trade and, therefore, have access to similar pricing.

With all this today offline & online smartphone markets are strongly competing and users have an option to gowith what makes them more confortable and confident when it comes to investing their money into a smartphone.
What do you think? How do you prefer buying as martphone and why?
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