[Deep Review] Unique Feature of Flyme/Meizu



2017-04-06 16:35

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Edited by goludr at 2017-04-08 11:23

Amazing feature.. never found this feature on any phone..Just say WOW.

Unique Feature :

* Same Design.

* Always based on Lolipop untill death (Lolipop is my property).

* Lucky camera-combination for Meizu (13/5 MP camera ).

* Battery ~ 3000 mAh (Charging time Ooonly 2-2.5 hours).

* Superb Hardworking Developer team of Flyme OS. (Beta version takes time about 7-8 month, can't say about releasing date of Stable version  - by Flyme).

* Never give you Volte feature.This(No VoLte) unique feature is plus point of Meizu. That's why we are different from others. many 4g sim work without Volte like Airtel, i'm not with Jio. When Jio will starts charging for its every service then may be we will discuss about Volte...MAYY BEEE We Will Discusssssss..
Do not Disturb me till then  -  by Meizu.

* Our Phones support only Chinese User, Don't worry, Other users are compatible with our phone.That's why All of you are in our Global beta project.. Chinese users are safe..Stable....  - by Meizu.

* Don't expect from us for giving Flyme version based on your Region(Country based) except China bcoz i live in China, i love China, my homeland is China.  -  by Meizu.

* You can't find accessories of our phone (case cover, tempered glass) like Xiaomi
easily on online-shopping sites. That's our guarantee..✌ -  by Meizu.

* Care of User's entertainment : Just join our forum and waste your time. Simple & Easy...

* Finally We starts OTA Update in March... yeee....woooo....woohhoooo...victory...✌✌✌✌✌✌  ureka....
but still you have to loss your app data..

* Every feature available for Chinese users first, then others.