Would you buy a phone without a headphone Jack



2017-03-21 20:22

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It’s not an entirely new concept, but it’s one that many of us (including myself) still haven’t gotten used to: smartphones without a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Manufacturers are always progressing in smartphone design. Bezels are getting littler, screen-to-body proportions are expanding, and telephones are additionally getting more slender. So thin, truth be told, that some OEMs discover it absolutely important to expel a "feature" that has been included on smartphones since the day smartphones came to showcase.

LeEco and Apple were a portion of the main organizations to expel the headphone jack from their smartphones, and from that point forward, different OEMs have taken after. Lenovo expelled the headphone jack from the Moto Z, and HTC took action accordingly with the Bolt and as of late discharged U Ultra.

Do you need the same with Meizu

It's understandable (not really best) why OEMs are settling on the choice to expel the headphone jack. To make telephones more slender, you have to begin making penances, and that implies expelling features that OEMs regard unnecessary. Plus, there are a couple advantages to USB Type-C audio over a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Also tell the reason why you chose YES or NO

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