Flyme Beta on MX4 Pro feedback



2017-03-17 02:14

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Edited by Droganco at 2017-03-20 16:07

I like the new addidions and the way it looks, but..
1.Camera is kinda slow and laggy.
2.Swiping from app to Home Screen is kinda glitchy not smooth at all.
3.Not sure about the Game Mode if it works better than Flyme 5.
4.Still testing the battery but so far it is okay i guess.
5.After the update i got 2 App Store shortcuts which is kinda confusing and each one leads me to different parts of the App Store.

I know it is still a beta version so I am not judging but merely giving feedback and pointing out stuff that needs fixing and I am sure some of the admins here reads and reports to the deparment of Flyme programers or they read themselves and try to fix those and things consumers feel need fixing.
P.S.We want engine bumped to the latest android OS!Note: This is just a quick feedback so it's early to tell since it's beta, but not looking good.
Programers seem to be focusing on the comestic stuff of Flyme not the software or Meizu hired Art programers ;)
Thanks and cheers, looking forward to the stable version.
-No difference between the battery on latest Flyme 5 and Flyme 6 Beta. I even noticed it drains more when locked or standby.(System UI).
-When Cellular Data is turned on, after the screen turnes off the Cellular Data turnes OFF too which is odd. After turning screen on I wait 15 or more seconds to automatically turn Cellular Data ON. Otherwise when screen is turned OFF with Cellular Data turned ON i get no notifications.(No internet). Maybe it tries to save power consumpton but not in a good way. I need to stay connected to the internet with my Cellular Data ON when screen turnes off which was the case on previous Flyme builds and all android phones.