Changed From A to G - Safe? YES!



2016-03-06 18:37

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I recently brought a Pro 5 back in January. I have been tearing my hair out because i was running an A version of FlymeOS. It didnt quite work with snapchat notifications or calls. It sounded like my earpiece was broken. Now that i have switched firmwares there have been an improvement in call-quality.
I found the toturial on Meizufans:
https://forum.***/topic/2599/gui ... nese-mainland-meizu

I used the third option and had sweaty pals through the whole thing, but when I finally got everything done, i realised that is wasnt that hard or unsafe for that matter!
But there is a twist because you cannot move the system.img to you root, you can only move it your sdcard(normal transfer methode - no terminal) so when in terminal i had to create my own path by searching the folders for my .img-file. But that was the only tricky part, the rest was easy with no dangers at all. Of course it was nerve recking that the device suddenly turned black but the terminal told me that the procedure was done.

If you have any questions concerning switching firmwares, or just if it is worth it for a (not-asian) Meizu user, please write below and I will do my best answering your questions.