My Review on Flyme 6



2017-03-05 01:33

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Since a long time all general users were waiting eagerly to try Flyme 6 and some of them even bricked their phones in process of installing certain not fully supported versions. And now since it have arrived and I have used it for approximately 10 hours as writing this. Here are some of my views on it.


1. Overall Camera Quality has certainly improved.
2. Phone finder is great.
3. Some new battery saving options (eager to see it's results).
4. Bold texts, New icons are so polished looks great.

1. Why the hell no customization centre in m2 Global beta version.
2. Camera is still having problem in focusing close objects(macro) in Auto mode(Manual mode is great).
3. Phone finder web-page is still in chinese. How Global users are supposed to use it? Google translate every time?
4. We need Dirac-HD again.

I know there is still lot to check. I will update this thread as time passes.