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2017-02-28 19:24

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On Feb 28th, 2017, Meizu launched it's third generation quick charge technology on MWC 2017. This technology is called Super mCharge, and Meizu speaker stated that with this charging technique, you can charge your phone to 100% in only 20 minutes.

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Super mCharge is the third generation of Meizu’s fast charge technology, and is based on our first-generation high-voltage fast charge and second-generation low-voltage direct charge solutions. Super mCharge uses high-voltage direct charge to fully charge an 3000mAh battery in 20 minutes, 5 times faster than ordinary charging. Moreover, its efficient low-heat dissipation allows the phone to be used during charging.
(Note: The battery in this Super mCharge showcase is 3000mAh)

Fast, and cool

Using the charge pump principle, Super mCharge has just two groups of converter integrated circuits in the IC. The conversion efficiency of up to 98% ensures fast charging and avoids overheating. After fully charge a 3000mAh battery, the temperature of the phone is pretty much the same as the temperature of human body.

Safe, and long-lasting
Super mCharge uses a relatively low current and reduces system load and heat dissipation, making it far safer than similar products. Its new data cable and USBport can transmit up to 160 W. The safe, system-wide buffer increases safety tenfold.
Meizu adopts China's ATL batteries, which have a current carrying capacity that’s four times higher than ordinary batteries. Field data shows that the ATLbattery retains more than 80% capacity after 800 charge cycles, giving a service life of two-plus years.

The Better Next-Generation mCharge

Released in July 2015, the MX5 was the first model equipped with the 18W mCharge fast charge solution. After that, mCharge was upgraded to 24 W inthe PRO 5, which was released in September 2015. The charging cycles of bothwere still measured in hours, so Meizu began researching faster recharging technologies over a year ago.

Compared to VOOC charge of OPPO and Super Charge of Huawei, the super mCharge high-voltage direct charge solution is third-gen fastcharging tech. It uses a significantly lower current than OPPO/Huawei's second-gen low-voltage direct charge solution. Therefore, Super mCharge is safer. Itscost-efficient data cable and charger and smaller phone circuit change will leadto its rapid adoption by consumers.

In-House Development
"Super mCharge uses high-voltage direct charge to charge in a very fast and efficient way without heating up the phone, which was a really tough issue in fast charging field." Said Li Tao, the leading engineer in Meizu R&D Center. "We know that technical innovation is not easy, what we have is the firm belief that even we are doing this in-house and alone without the joint R&D with industry giants, we can achieve great result with our passion and resolution. We overcame so many issues and obstacles, and only to deliver an outstanding and practical innovation to more users."

Meizu now has applications for many patentsfiled in this area, ensuring that the strategic importance of Super mCharge inMeizu is fully guaranteed.

Specs of Super mCharge
Super mCharge uses a 11V=5A charging connector with a maximum power of55 W that carries four times as much current as an ordinary battery. The demouses a 3000 mAh battery that retains 80% of its capacity after 800 chargecycles.

Last, a video from Meizu team would show you how fast this Super mCharge can be. (3000mAh battery)