Google wants to block its services (GMS) in the non-certified devices



2017-02-23 04:12

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It seems that the search giant is preparing tough measures for manufacturers of smart phones and tablets. The new measures if the device does not have Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification, either because of quality or OEM it is not requested, will no longer be possible to start the service in the unit of Q3 2017. This move can not stop the marketing of low-quality cheap products on the market, but may distract from their purchases.

Google Mobile Services (GMS) are proprietary applications of Internet giant that are not part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This Gmail, YouTube, Search, Chrome, Hangouts, Drive, Maps, Street View, books, games, movies, Google+, Music, Play Newsstand, Backup and Restore. And made you Google his plan, some services use unlicensed devices remains still access, but only through a web browser. We do not need to explain how it's embarrassing. Perhaps, even installing applications from external sources (via the .apk files) will not pass.

In this context, the device must meet certain quality components and compatibility testing by Google. For the certification process is required that the manufacturer has submitted five copies device to a thorough check.
The certification includes the following test procedures:

Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), which is a commercial grade Test Suite. You can take yourself through ovepoveznice.CTS Verifier tests and checked API functions that require manual input, npr.kamere, to ensure that the product meets the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) .cts Audio Quality Test Suite (CAT) - checks audio quality equipment including recording zvuka.Google Mobile Services Test Suite (GTS) - which is used to confirm that Google applications can run smoothly on the smartphone or tablet. Checks media files, video, transfer rate with the Google Play store and resolution.

After completion of the tests, if there is any doubt, the manufacturer gets a chance for a correction. Then the process is repeated until Google does not give the green light. Of course, the whole process is not cheap. But the producers by charging the price.

When you are expected to change?

The changes range from the second quarter of this year. That is not all licensed new devices will lose the right to use of Google services from their Q3 2017, and the existing ones should be blocked.

Is your smartphone licensed?


Are you not sure, you can easily check.

Open the Google Play Store application in compliance equipment daber items the very end, you can see information

You want to buy a new device? You can check whether licensed by Google. You will not find Umi, Oukitel, Elephone, Doogee Bluboo,Meizu....