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2017-02-14 23:37

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Here we are again in Beijing, ready to witness the launch of the first M series product in 2017.
Judging from the teaser, can you guess what's the highlight of this device ? Don't forget to follow up the live updates of the launch event at 3 PM CST on Feb 15th, we'll give you the answer

The price is ¥799(16GB) and ¥999(32GB). Powerful CPU, big RAM, and cool camera features, do you like this M5s?
1200x628.png 14-icons.png
Together with the phone, MEIZU is releasing a 120g-Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth 4.2 connection and up to 15 hours of music playing for one charge!

Li Nan is presenting the new product M5s. 21.png 22.jpg
M5s has a big battery of 3000mAh, and we bring you the most premium 18W quick charge even when the cost for it is much higher than regular 10W quick charge. We believe that by reducing the waiting time, we would change your using experience and make your life better.
11-3000mah.png 12-18w 10w.png 13-30min 56%.png

As usual, M5s supports mTouch and mBack. Nowadays more and more competitors are adopting the same or similar interactive design as mBack, which proves that mBack is truely an excellent way of interacting with only one Home button.
The rear camera of M5s has a coating layer on the lens so even when your fingerprints are smudging the lens, it can still deliver clear and nice view.

9-camera.png 10-5mp front camera.png 魅蓝5s_最终版.026.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.027.jpeg

4-Dual SIM .png 5-VoLTE .png   
The MEIZU M5s possesses an 8-core processor and 3GB RAM. Users have 16GB and 32GB options, and it can be extended up to 128GB.

6-8-core Processor .png WX20170215-153628.png 8-16g 32g.png

And today we are releasing M5s, which has a 5.2-inch screen and nice colors and designs. 1-5.2-inch HD Screen .png 2-Integrated Three-piece Metallic Body .png
魅蓝5s_最终版.004.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.005.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.006.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.007.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.008.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.009.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.010.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.011.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.012.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.013.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.014.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.015.jpeg 3.png
Li Nan is now presenting how good M series products were doing in the past 2 years 魅蓝5s_最终版.037.jpeg
魅蓝5s_最终版.001.jpeg 魅蓝5s_最终版.002.jpeg WechatIMG7.jpeg
Independent folk singer is now performing... 19.jpg

Fans are signing in and waiting in lines to get into the venue... 16.jpg
The moment is approaching... The venue stands, waiting for our guests to come...
2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 44A61274E550C609455E877A858E5FA8.jpg 17.jpg

M5s Overview: http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-21062-1-1.html

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