Doubts - Flyme 6 Features



2017-01-20 11:26

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Edited by prem_vardhan at 2017-01-20 09:18

I have been using Flyme 6 on my device for 3 weeks nearly and I have got plenty of doubts about few features. Some of them are here, so anyone know about them, please be a bit helpful by explaining.

Firstly, coming to Background running options in Security feature, What's the difference between "Smart Background (recommended)" and "Keep running in background" feature.

Here goes the screenshot:
Feature difference 1.jpg

Second one, the feature in data(security), what's the difference between "Background" and "Allow data in background" feature.

Feature difference 2.jpg

The next one is about Notifications, What does this do?
What does this do.jpg

Finally, did this ever work for you.
Did this ever work for you.jpg