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2017-01-13 23:59

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Staff of Magical Science (MEIZU) posted "bilibili" to "Dancing" "Love Dance"

MEIZU 's staff celebrated the New Year (2017) and posted a video danced by "love dance" popular in Japan to the bilibili video.
Since the animation is not full at 1 minute 45 minutes, regulation is kept for once.

In this dancing video, various departments are dancing, including Mr. Lee Kusun, vice president and Mr. Yang Gong of Flyme OS designer.
CEO Mr. Shiranee Hironaga was busy or not participating.

An attempt by the staff to dance popular songs is also taking place in 2015, not the movie celebrating the New Year, but dancing the AKB 48's "Falling Fortune Cookie" at the birth anniversary of Meizu's 48 homage "MEZ 48" There are times.
At this time CEO Mr. Shirane Shiranaga was dancing.
※ MEZ48 is not directly related to AKB48.

MEIZU 's smartphone, including those who danced, was thought that it is supported by various people.
We are dancing with Mr. Gen Hoshino's sound source, so please feel free to check it out.

You can watch without a bilibili account.
Since there are many comments, you can stop comment display by clicking on the comment button to the right of "super cuisine" in the lower right.

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