#1st anniversary# [Poll] Flyme 6 vs Android 6



2016-12-14 00:15

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Edited by goludr at 2016-12-13 21:45

We all know that Flyme 6 will release soon...

So, Here comes a big question :

Flyme 6 will based on Marshmallow or still based on Lolipop ???

Here is a Poll for all Flyme members, What they want in Next Flyme Version

1.Marshmallow : Flyme 6 should be based on Android Marshmallow. So, it has latest security patches and other Marshmallow feature.

2.Flyme 6 : Flyme 6 should be release with much more new & unique Flyme feature & customization. Doesn't matter ,which android version based..

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