[CAUTION] Bootloader unlock and unofficial flyme 6 firmware flashing



2016-12-08 16:02

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We all know flyme 6 was launched very recently and we all are eagerly waiting to update our devices to flyme 6 Now as a word of caution i request standard users not to unlock the bootloader or to flash any unoffical package or zip just to experience flyme 6

But there is an exception for those users who include

1. Developers , Beta testers                                                                3. Those who want to try a custom rom
2. Experience in using SP flash tools ect                                           4. who got a lot of time to tinker

Here's what might happen if you try unlocking bootloader or flash unoffical zips for flyme 6
If you unlock the bootloader, You may void the warranty of your device (we dont mind)

Senario 1 :
Lets say you have succesfully unlocked bootloader and flashed a recovery
As you have a custom recovery installed let it be (CWM. TWRP) you have a better chance to flash the unoffical flyme 6 firmware without a problem
speaking of what is happening now flyme 6 is in closed beta and the firmware gets updated daily, As you are on unlocked bootloader and custom recovery chances of getting official OTA is very less, even if you get one dont try to update it. if you do your recovery might get wiped or your device might even get soft brick or hardbricked and sometimes there is a chance of losing IMEI and serial number and belive me getting those back is really hard and need lot of time and patience along with software like SN Write tool, MTK droid tool....
(sometimes IMEI can be fixed with ease using AT+ COMMAND SET and other apps but might be temporary fix)

Senario 2 : You are on Unlocked Bootloader with flyme 6 and there is someone who is providing cracked firmware for each update
I'd say you are lucky if you are in this senario but the problem is are you ready to waste your time for searching, downloading and flashing updates ?
This is because cracked flyme 6 updates zips are complete OTA packages and are not Incremental OTA's which means you need to download and flash the whole firmware which might be hundreds of MB,
Visit the thread by (viki4vikram) to know the difference between full and Incremental OTA http://forum.flymeos.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=10891&highlight=full%20vs%20incremental

Senario 3 : You are on locked bootloader with root

This is the senario that most standard users get to, you root your device install flashfire, Rashr ect to flash flyme 6 firmware and it rarely works this is because you might either be flashing a wrong firmware that is meant to be flashed through a custom recovery, You might not have followed the instructions correctly, or you might not be on a right firmware to do that. you will know you have done a mistake only after flashing and if your device gets bricked you need to again flash the offical firmware through stock recovery( if there's any)
         Ill tell you what happened when i was in this senario. I followed everything right i was on the right firmware with right update package and followed all steps correctly but it was stuck on the bootlogo, clearing data through recovery didnt work so the only option left was to flash the original flyme update so i downloaded a update from flyme.cn after that to my horror when i tried connecting my device in recovery to PC for transfering the zip it showed me theres no space and you need 256mb of additional space then i tried downloading another update and the only one that was small enough to get in was flyme 4.5 and later on i got back to latest A firmware

Senario 4 : You are on locked bootloader with latest firmware and no root
Just dont try flashing anything as official flyme 6 closed beta update packages that you download are meant to work only for selected closed beta user devices and it is tied with their IMEI and other data, so trying to flash these updates will just give you a firmware corrupt error and there are few cracked zips that does work but you will not receive OTA updates

I'm currently on the official flyme 6 chinese closed beta it has some translation, battery and performance optimization issues that got to be fixed, So i request standard users to wait till the release of official stable update or atleast till the open beta firmware gets released

Users who are posting tutorials in the forum regarding flashing flyme 6 please make sure you put up images and step by step procedure at one place
Keep stock firmware with you before you do anything
You are responsible for anything that goes wrong while you flash or brick your device. Be warned!